How to make a Christmas Photo with your Border Collie

How to make a cool Christmas Photo with your Border Collie


It’s already started! Christmas time is here and our dogs know it. This time (and winter) is the most energetic and exciting time to take photographs for a variety of reasons – the natural elements, the captivating and imaginative decorations (including Christmas lights) and the festive mood that overcomes all the border collie community. It’s really cool to dress up our collie a santa, elf, or even the grinch. Some of them like it, some others not so much. But a Christmas photo is a must.

We love to show off our Border Collies with tons of photos and videos. Because they are amazing. That’s a thing. Now Christmas is the perfect opportunity to make a perfect family border collie photo and send it to family and friends.


Some Tips

colliemoji photograph border collie

  • You can photograph during the day, but some of the most evocative images can be found at night. The brilliance provided by the pure white snow adds some challenges, but there are some benefits too. Expose for the lights, not the sky. That way, the sky’s ambient light will come in to complement the lights, which can remain your focus.
  • Interest In The Shot: Your shots need to have interest to draw the eye, but not be too cluttered so as to distract from the main subject. Try and arrange the shot so that objects in the background don’t appear to be growing from your border collie’s heads
  • Macro: Your decorations will make great macro subjects and create some interesting festive shots. Baubles on trees, centre pieces and other ornaments make great macro subjects. When shooting a macro of a bauble, try putting coloured material behind the tree to add interest to the shot.
  • Brighten up the scene. If you choose to shoot an indoor, photographing Christmas trees, menorahs, or any kind of interior light arrangement can be trickier than shooting outside. Bring extra lamps or any other light source into the room to brighten your shadows and decrease the contrast that might confuse your camera.


Your Photo backgrounds templates

We love Christmas nearly as much as our Border Collies Kala and Ulah (well, not nearly in truth). That’s why we update the app with Christmas CollieMojis and make a special Christmas shirts edition. Now we have designed Christmas backgrounds to help you make a unique christmas photo. You can download them completely free and use this customizable christmas photo with your Border Collie.

How it works?

It’s pretty simple. All the images are in png (transparency images) with a spot to include your Border Collie. You can use any photograph program as photoshop or even paint. Any photography app from the App Store or Google Play can help you too. Just need to join /combine the colliemoji background with your border collie photo.


1. The green classic and party postcard



2. White Christmas Hello from your friends!



3. Merry Christmas present side



4. Christmas time!


6. Border Collie Helps Santa




Hope you like all the backgrounds! If you have any idea or want to ask for a special petition, just send us a mail to [email protected]