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Border Collie Emojis

We use emojis in all our convos. Now you can use Border Collies to express any emotion. Beautiful and personally curated by profesional artists and bc owners.

Regular Updates

Never get boring. We never stop to include new CollieMojis and content on the app.  Including special editions as Christmas or Summer

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No need to install. Use them everywhere. Compatible with all devices and all messaging and social networks apps. You’ll just worry about what border collie attach to the message.

Border Collie Apps

CollieMoji App

More than 130 Border Collie Cartoons turned into classic emojis to share everywhere. All the bc colors are shown on the app: Black and white, brown, chocolate, blue, gold, tri color, blue merle, red merle…

CollieMoji Photo Editor

The App that includes even more Border Collies to your photos. Add CollieMojis stickers, dog cartoons, agility games and classic emojis to any of your pics.


The Free Game of Border Collie working and training! Help “Kala” to rescue the sheep lost from the farm. Run, jump and avoid the classic obstacles: fences, mole, rocks, a river..

Your own Border Collie Emoji Cartoon

Turn your bc into a emoji and share it everywhere. We make the typical posture or face of your dog. These are some samples.

Sweet Sundance

Swee sundance cartoon colliemoji   Sweet Sundance is a talented 5 year old border collie who knows over 300 tricks. He lives in Chicago and works as a service dog for his owner and trainer, in addition to being involved in dock diving, frisbee, musical freestyle, and acting/modeling.

The Super Collies

supercollies cartoon colliemoji

Everyone knows Sarah and his amazing Border Collies: Hero, Marvel, Loki and Thor.

Sara is revered as one of the top international trick dog trainers and has received several awards. Sara and her Super Collies have made an appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and continue to captivated audiences all over the world. She has aptly earned her title as Celebrity Dog Trainer after placing 5th on season 12 of America’s Got Talent. She also was awarded Dog Trainer of The Year in 2017 from Greater Mats.

Billy the Border Collie and brother Biscuit

Billy the Border Collie and brother Biscuit cartoon colliemoji


I’m Billy and I live in Sydney Australia with my border collie brother Biscuit. I love having Facebook friends. Hope you will be my friend too.
Billy is such a water baby that CollieMoji team draw him  diving into water with a yippee caption. Biscuit chose a typical australian posture. Go aussie, Aussie Go!

The Collie Brothers

collie brothers emoji cartoons colliemoiji   The Collie Brothers, Ollie and Bo, are two canadian border collies who love Adventures, raw fed, painting and go outdoors. Their instagram is always full of adventure videos and pics. Really Well trained, Ollie is a real artist and can paint a canvas from zero.


dexter border collie cartoon colliemoji

DEXTER’s Welt “Moin moin”, from Germany. He has a wonderful soul and loves the back sit of his car’s owner. His emojis had to be on the car enjoying the ride.

Braille & Wink The Double Merles

Braille & Wink The Double Merles cartoon colliemoji Braille is a deaf and blind Australian Shepherd. When he was 5 weeks old, his breeder listed him for free on Craigslist, because a puppy who can’t see or hear isn’t worth much money. Braille is smart, spunky, goofy, beautiful, and least of all he is deaf and blind. But shhhh, no one tell him! He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s any different from other dogs. Through this emoji and his stories, we strive to promote responsible breeding, while also advocating for the adoption of special needs dogs.

Holly and Ace

Dai Aoki is the owner of holly and ace, two border collies living in Sidney. They are incredible talented and their tricks make a smile on their 90k social media followers. Their classic joking posture “boss” was the chosen one for a cartoon on the border collie emoji app: CollieMoji.

What people says about CollieMoji

If you’re a collie fan you NEED this ?

Seriously, just buy it! ?
What can I say, it’s fun ? and you can send collies to friends and family. It works in iMessage and you can save the picture out to your photo roll, so you can use them in anything that lets you send a photos. Brilliant! Plus they are adding new collie emoji all the time, including the newest set, Christmas collies??. Love ❤️ it. Keep up the good work ?? MuddyDogs

Love my app, I use a lot, having 3 Borders all different color this app covers them all Sky's mum

Wooooow… what do you say… I’m now as emoji.  CollieMoji Team is so talented drawing my collie! Dexter Mum

“Quite possibly the only app I’ve paid for and with no regrets. The creator nailed the border collie expressions” Mike Simmons