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Your dog is unique. Get him on the Emoji Hall of Fame and support a noble cause


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Turn your Border Collie into an emoji &

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CollieMoji is always adding new emojis and we want YOUR adorable dog to be featured next!

We draw manually your dog as a personalized illustration. You’ll get an unique emoji cartoon & sticker.

Customize the classic emoticon with your dog and text everyone with him!

CollieMoji provides fun and entertaining emojis for dog & Border Collie lovers, but our primary mission is to identify abandoned, mistreated, or homeless dogs and oversee their treatment and wellbeing while working to find loving owners for those in our care.

Here’s how you can help…

For $59, we will create a personalized featured emoji of your adorable dog and make a donation of 25$  to Border Collie Rescue SA

Border Collie Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue that specializes in finding permanent homes for Border Collies and other breeds.


This is what you get turning your dog into an Emoji

A personalized emoji

Your dog customized as emoji cartoon that we will feature in the CollieMoji iOS (Apple) and Android Apps. You get also a High quality full size image (2000px).

Save a Border Collie

A $25 donation to Border Collie Rescue under your dog’s name. You and your bc will be on their Rescue Hall of fame.

Full permission

Use the emoji design and the master file to do whatever you please (make a shirt, coffee cup, sticker, photo, canvas, poster..etc)


Your BC will be featured on the CollieMoji App and social media pages. And you will get a free promo code to download the CollieMoji that you can share with anyone.

We loved working with CollieMoji! The people behind the scenes were wonderful to work with. They messaged us through the entire process and made any necessary changes to get our boys perfect! They’re super cute and a great conversation starter, so obviously we’d highly recommend turning your own pup into an a emoji.

Ollie & Bo

The Collie Brothers

WOW Look at Biscuit !! by CollieMoji. Now Biscuit can be on all your messenger apps! We LOVE CollieMoji ! Oh My Dawg! Billy the Border Collie and brother Biscuit have their own emojis #Colliemoji How cool is that!!!!

Billy and brother Biscuit

Any doubts?

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