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CollieMoji was born after the emoji boom. As an indie app company that make entertainment games, we use emojis a lot as resource. Emojis are the kings of the communication, everyone of us love to answer a message with the perfect sticker. One day after seeing our bc with a tongue emoji face we thought “Wait. I would love to share that face”.

After all, we are Border Collie owners who wants (like all bc dads & mums) share the most iconic photos of our furry friends. Is it possible to “emojize” our dogs drawing them as stickers? The next step is CollieMoji history.

How we started


The first sketches were the hardest to make. It’s pretty simple to know your collie emotions but put that in a cartoon.

Moreover the cartoon has to be an emoji: small and simple. An emoji has to be easy to recognize because it replaces your text. The emoji symbolizes your feelings in that moment.

It’s a magic way to express yourself.


border collie emoji




But, that’s not all. This is Border Collie Emojis. The unique bc style needs to be represented, like their “ball passion”

border collie sticker obsessive

Every emoji is nurtured to be the best version of the emotion. The art department (Anna and Cristian) pays tons of effort to make unique border collie emojis. And all of that has to work with no bugs on your phone thanks to the development team.

Meet the team


Kala is the apple of Cristian’ eyes. Cristian, CollieMoji founder, started to develop CollieMoji just a short weeks after adopting Kala. He is a creative director and marketer who design apps as an inspiration escape from his daily work. Emoji communication lover, he builds emoji apps and games since 2014. Kala was the inspiration to adapt the border collie world into the emojis and help every owner share collie emotions instead classic emojis.


Ulah was the very first border collie model. His dad is Oscar, a firefighter and dog trainer. Ulah is 4 year’s old and knows more tricks than many humans being. The first postures and expressions of the colliemojis were truly inspired by Ulah. She was the perfect model: loves the attention, play between photos and she is a bit vain (just enough). Now, in truth, her fees were tons of snacks and a happy holiday on the beach. Nowadays she a very good Kala’s friend and still a part time CollieMoji model.

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