Border Collie tips, stories and news

About Emojis size and apps permission

Apps are a great tool to help us in our daily tasks. Even entertainment apps. We've been developing apps since 2013 and we never stop to learn something new. Emojis Apps were the ones that we fell in love with. They are the new communication tool and we love to send...

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ParkerMoji, the emoji app for Golden Retriever lovers

#1 Golden Retriever Emoji App thanks to Parker! We love to work on CollieMoji. Drawing new emojis from border collie gestures and sharing with other bc lovers is amazing. We receive daily tons of mails with petitions for other dog breed emojis, but we are so focused...

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How to make a Christmas Photo with your Border Collie

How to make a cool Christmas Photo with your Border Collie   It's already started! Christmas time is here and our dogs know it. This time (and winter) is the most energetic and exciting time to take photographs for a variety of reasons – the natural elements, the...

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Space needed dogs – A true experience

IT'S OKAY HE ONLY WANTS TO PLAY! “its okay he only wants to play” - if I had a pound every time I heard this saying I’d be rich on this alone. It is probably one of the most common sayings every reactive dog owner will hear shouted from across a field, as you walk...

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Border Collie Health – How to care

Border Collie traits First of all, let's understand more about our furry friends. Our Border Collie are energetic with great stamina, highly intelligent and trainable.They are hard working dog that thrives on mental and physical stimulation. • Strong herding instincts...

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Welcome to the CollieMoji Web

Welcome to the new CollieMoji Web! Hi! It's Cristian here, CollieMoji Founder. It's been a while since we launch the first CollieMoji app (2017 July). If you were there, you will remember our skinny app, only for iOS and we just 20 border collie emojis. We are still...

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