Dogs needing space is q campaign organised by Emma Collings Dog Trainer & illustrated by CollieMoji

Dogs that need space from other dogs or people are not bad dogs, they may be having a hard time in certain situations. If you are reactive dog owner this will help you to spread the reality.

On this site you will see simple rules to follow that help reactive dogs have their space and reduce their anxiety.

Therefore, if you see a dog on lead and wearing a yellow lead, jacket or bandana, please respect these dogs and their owner by giving them space and not allowing your dog to run up to that dog that is on lead.


Follow this simple rules and you will be helping anxious and reactive dogs that struggle in social situations

Rules to help reactive dogs

Ask permission before approaching a dog on lead

Replicate other dog owners; if you see a dog on lead, put your dog on lead and under control

Only the owner of that dog will know how much space is required, so please be respectful

Know your legal dog control orders; dogs must be on lead on any public road

Download the poster and spread the word!