ParkerMoji, the emoji app for Golden Retriever lovers

#1 Golden Retriever Emoji App thanks to Parker!

We love to work on CollieMoji. Drawing new emojis from border collie gestures and sharing with other bc lovers is amazing. We receive daily tons of mails with petitions for other dog breed emojis, but we are so focused in border collie that we just not have the enough time they deserve.


Last December we met Parker, an incredible golden retriever that brings a smile in the face of those who need it. Parker helps in hospitals and healthy fundraisers. His story is so incredible that we started to think if we should to a Golden retriever emoji (one of the breed more requested). Although we already knew the difficult to build a new app and draw from zero, we took the chance. Let’s introduce you (in cse you didn’t know him yet) to Parker.

ParkerPup is a Professional Animal Actor, Therapy dog, Crisis Response Dog, Cancer Awareness Advocate. Helping to try to make the world just a little bit better. Parker has been in Vanity Fair Magazine, on the Big Screen in Times square and in various print ads (Norm Thompson, TempurPedic, Metro, etc). Parker has filmed a commercial for Wave Broadband Internet, as well as performed in a music video for an artist in Vancouver B.C. He is CGC Certified and is a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners/Delta Society and approved for complex environments. ¿Competition? Parker also competes in AKC Agility Trials.

That’s why he deserves to have his own emojis. His character, postures, faces and gestures make him unique. Now you can send all the love through social media and any messaging app.

parkermoji golden retriever cartoon emoji


Features you will find on ParkerMoji


ヅ Classic emojis reactions and all the Parker quotes like “Spread Hope” or “Cancer Sucks”

ヅ FREE UPDATES for life (more emojis, new features…)

ヅ High quality, hand-drawn illustrations and converted into a emoji

ヅ In your Gallery: Download all the emojis to your device, so you can use anytime

ヅ Personalize the app: Possibility to be “Dog-Mojized” (we Turn your dog as emoji – upon request).

ヅ Brilliant high-definition resolution optimized for iMessage

ヅ Including free tutorials: Quick & simple installation -> as keyboard / Messages App (>iOS10 only)

ヅ Works in Facebook & other social media apps

parkermoji golden retriever emoji


How ParkerMoji works


PakerMoji is an emoji app built with the CollieMoji tool, so you will have all the sharing emoji option:

Send from the app: Open the app, select the emoji and share it wherever you like

Install the Keyboard in Settings>Keyboard>Add>ParkerMoji>Full Access. Or if you are android user, just follow the steps on the tutorial. Once the ParkerMoji is installed, open any messaging app /facebook comment and tap one emoji. Paste it on the text box or select the receptor (android users)

Save the PakerMojis in your gallery. Use them as any photo or image you have (send it to a friend, use it as a profile picture


Get the app here


What emoji you would love to see? Write a review on the AppStore and tell us which one you want! We will add them in the next update. :)