CrusoeMoji, the emoji app for Dachshund lovers hits #1

#1 Dachshund Emoji App thanks to Crusoe!

crusoe emoji dachshund wiener


We love to work on CollieMoji. To build and draw new emojis from border collie gestures and sharing with other bc lovers is amazing. We receive daily tons of petitions for other dog breed emojis, but we are so focused in border collie that we just not have the enough time they deserve. Now that is starting to change.


crusoe dachshund emojiAfter developing the emojis for our lovely Parker, we met Crusoe, an incredible dog best known as the celebrity dachshund. Crusoe is a wiener with an eccentric, whimsical, and larger-than-life personality who travels and experiences the world from his own unique and comical perspective. He is best known for his wacky videos often featuring his unique homemade outfits which together have topped over 1.1 billion views, many of which reaching 30+ million views individually.

Not only a movie star, Crusoe is also the author of his own award-winning blog and New York Times Bestselling book. Crusoe was also the recipient of the 2017 Shorty Award for ‘Best Animal Influencer’. A true celebrity deserves his own unique emojis.


Crusoe has a Facebook show, releasing weekly “episodes” of about 5 minutes in length and have had amazing traction so far. Crusoe’s Watch Show is the 12th most followed Watch Show globally and its viewer retention metrics are extremely strong. Crusoe has such a devoted, loyal fan base that his emojis hit the #1 entertainment app and #6 overall. Crazy for a dachshund but normal for a so big celebrity!


crusoe emoji best app


Features you will find on CrusoeMoji


ヅ All the Crusoe reactions including his famous costumes and characters

ヅ FREE UPDATES for life (more emojis, new features…)

ヅ High quality, hand-drawn illustrations and converted into a adorable emoji

ヅ Download all the dachshund emojis to your device, so you can use anywhere

ヅ Possibility to be “Dog-Mojized”: (We Turn your dog as emoji – upon request).

ヅ Brilliant high-definition resolution of sausagemoji optimized for your phone

ヅ Quick & simple installation -> as keyboard / Messages App

ヅ Works in Facebook & other social media apps

crusoemoji wiener dachshund sticker sausagemoji



How CrusoeMoji works


CrusoeMoji is an emoji app built with the CollieMoji tool, so you will have all the sharing emoji option:

Send from the app: Open the app, select the emoji and share it wherever you like

Install the Keyboard

iOS: in Settings>Keyboard>Add>CrusoeMoji>Full Access. Then, when you’re typing a text etc, you push the key with the globe looking thing down by the spacebar and microphone until you get to the CrusoeMoji keyboard. Tap on an emoji of Cru and it will copy it. Then go back up to your typing area and tap once. PASTE will appear. Tap on paste and your emoji shows up. 

Or if you are android user, just follow the steps on the tutorial menu: (“HOW TO INSTALL”). Once the CrusoeMoji is installed, open any messaging app /facebook comment and tap one emoji. Paste it on the text box or select the receptor (android users)

Save the CrusoeMojis in your gallery. Use them as any photo or image you have (send it to a friend, use it as a profile picture


crusoemoji crusoe dachshund emoji



About CrusoeMoji emoji sizes as big image


Apple and Google don’t let you to add default emojis. Only Unicode can do it. So all the emoji apps (like Ariana Grande or Kardashian works like CrusoeMoji). You can read more about why on this article There is only one way to build dog emojis: do it as normal image.  But look on the bright side, how is it possible to do a dog posture in the small emoji default? It would be unrecognizable. You can see a good example with Cru, the hunter.

crusoe emoji hunter This will be as default emoji next to text

crusoe hunter

This is the full image you can share.




About CrusoeMoji permissions


Also, we need to obey all the Apple and Google requirements to make our apps work. Some of that rules and requirement are really scary, but they are the same for any app company no matter it’s purpose. For example, the call permission is the same for phone call and to share an emoji to your friend. On this article you have a full explanation of each requierement.


About black background on some devices

The images are on png, (alpha transparency). That means the crusoe emojis have not background. That makes them very useful on apps like iMessage. Some android devices does not support that format so they emulate a background (usually black) to make the crusoe emojis visible on those phones. We are working in a particular solution for those cases. it will be an update available the next days.

?Get the app here!?


What emoji you would love to see? Write a review on the AppStore and tell us which one you want! We will add them in the next update. :)

If you have any concern, we’ll be happy to answer you on [email protected]